Housewarming Gift

Best Housewarming Gift Ideas

Settling into a new house can be overwhelming, from moving to ensuring everything is in the right spot in the new house. However, receiving a nice warm gift may make the transition bearable and get the new homeowner psyched up about their new space. Housewarming gifts should be thoughtful and leave a lasting memory for the homeowner. Gifts that remind your loved one of you are even better. So the next time you attend a housewarming party, you can include these thoughtful gifts in your package aside from carrying wine and a bouquet. 

Thoughtful Housewarming Gifts for Your Loved One

We have curated a list of some of the best housewarming gifts to congratulate your loved ones on their new accomplishments, whether it is their first home or moving into a new apartment. 

Wall Arts 

Art is timeless and has a personal touch, making the gift more thoughtful. Interior décor is also an integral part of every home since it sets the vibe of the house. Moreover, you want them to remember you through the painting despite the distance that may separate you. Getting a customized canvas for a loved one can help turn homesickness into memories, especially if they are moving far away from family. 

Therefore you need to take note of what your friend or relative likes and try to purchase a wall painting that they have always wanted. When guests arrive, wall paintings are a good talking point and can help build a conversation. There are several canvas painting ideas you can explore, including using sentimental photos for your loved ones to mount on the walls of their new home. 

HouseplantHouseplant gift

A bouquet is thoughtful, but if you want something that leaves a mark for a long time, you can gift your loved one a houseplant. Indoor plants are appreciated globally, and potted plants are the best option if you do not know your loved one’s preference. A house plant has fewer risks and is a unique gift option, making it perfect for almost everyone. Additionally, for longevity, ensure you choose a low-maintenance plant, possibly choosing from the many varieties of succulent plants. If your friend is always busy, they may not have much time to water the plant; therefore, you need to consider it when making your selection. 

Skyline Print of the City

You can help your relative or friend celebrate and settle into the new town by giving them a portrait or painting of them that brings out an attractive overview of the city. You can make them enjoy their move with a glossy cityscape print. A skyline print of the city will still be the best housewarming gift if your loved one is moving to a different country or a different city. 

You can go for a portrait of a nice sunset in the city or a night shot with all the lights shining down on the city. A black and white print is also a classic print that you can consider. The whole essence is to make your friend or family appreciate the new city they will be living in.  

City Map

When moving to a new place, you look forward to knowing your way around as soon as possible and what better way to learn the nuts and bolts of the city than with a map. Therefore a city map is a simple but thoughtful housewarming gift that will help your loved one settle in, and it can also make for a good wall decoration piece. You can order a framed city map with highlighted landmarks, and to make it even more personalized, you can add a city guidebook to the package. 

Customized Collage

You can go for a personalized collage with assorted images to get more sentimental. Make your selection from pictures taken during a special moment or just random interesting photos. Below the image, you can insert the following; 

  • Quotes
  •  Personalized messages 
  • Inside jokes 

Wrapping Up

The best housewarming gift you choose for your new neighbor, friend or relative should aim to make your friend feel more comfortable in their new space. Settling in is quite difficult, and thus such gifts as succulent plants, portraits and customized canvases can go a long way in making a space feel warm. Most of these gifts are also easy to find and are quite affordable. Remember, you do not also want to break the bank to come up with a thoughtful gift. So go ahead and appreciate your loved one with some of the gifts mentioned above, and don’t be afraid to get sentimental while at it.