10 Simple Beauty Hacks For Beginners

10 Simple Beauty Hacks For Beginners

Even if you’re not a total beginner when it comes to makeup, you could still use some tips. Makeup has been around for ages and during this long time, we’ve discovered ways to use it that might not have been predicted by the manufacturers. These little tricks make the makeup look better, last longer, or simply make the process of applying it easier. With all the makeup videos out there, putting on makeup has become a science that might seem difficult to someone who doesn’t know a lot about creating the perfect look. Instead of getting overwhelmed with a lot of information, use some simple tricks that can help you use makeup to look the best you can. Here are the 10 simple beauty hacks for beginners and anyone else who hasn’t tried doing these things before:

1. Apply the concealer after the foundation.

The foundation should come first, so you should apply the concealer only after you’ve applied the foundation. The first layer is there to minimize discoloration and redness, while the concealer is there to take care of any remaining redness or zits. So, it makes sense to use them in that order.

2. Warm-up your pencil liner.

One of the beauty hacks for beginners requires you to slightly melt down your pencil liner so that it would glide better. Do this before using it, just don’t forget to let it cool a bit first. The thing is, creamy makeup blends better once it’s warmed up. Use the warmed-up pencil liner to create a shape that complements your eye shape.

3. Create a smoky eye by using the hashtag.

If you draw the slanted hashtag symbol at the outer corner of your eyelid you can blend it with the rest of the makeup to create a smoky eye. This makes sure that both of your eyes are symmetrical and prevents you from using more eyeliner than you should. Creating a smoky eye the normal way can get sloppy very quickly, so this is one of the best beauty hacks for beginners.

4. Put powder on your lashes before using mascara.

If you put powder on your eyelashes before using mascara you are going to get more voluminous, fuller lashes than if you’d just used the mascara. Just a bit of translucent powder does the trick, and you can apply it after the first coat of mascara and use mascara once again to cover the dustiness.

5. Use a tissue and powder on your lips.

Translucent powder is not just great for your lashes! This is one of the beauty hacks for beginners that has been passed down from generation to generation. It’s old, but it works! Once you apply the lipstick, place a tissue over your lips and apply powder over it. This will leave you with a nice color that can last all night.

10 Simple Beauty Hacks For Beginners

6. Create a triangle with the concealer.

Use the concealer to draw an upside-down triangle under your eyes, and you’ll brighten dark circles and draw focus to your pupils. Instead of just randomly dotting concealer, create a triangle under your eyes, and your makeup will look better.

7. Use eyeshadow instead of eyeliner.

Out of eyeliner? You can use an angle brush, wet it with water, and dip it into your eyeshadow. Use the brush as you would normally use eyeliner, and you’ll end up with the same effect! This also makes smoky eyes a lot less difficult to create.

8. Brush your eyebrows.

One of the simple beauty hacks for beginners is to use a toothbrush or a spoolie to brush eyebrows into place. Just apply a bit of hairspray or hair gel onto it first, and you’ll quickly and easily get the same effect that you’d normally get with brow gel.

9. Use lip liner to create the illusion of fuller lips.

The lip liner keeps the lipstick in place, but not just that. If you draw just a bit over the lines of your lips your lips will seem bigger. You can also fill in the lips with the lip liner before applying lipstick because it will give you a longer-lasting coverage.

10. Use a spoon when applying mascara.

Applying mascara often ends up in smudges on your eyelids, and this is especially annoying when you have previously applied eyeshadow. To protect your eyelid from mascara, hold a spoon on your eyelid as if it was hugging it. When you apply the mascara on your lashes you’ll hit the back of the spoon instead of the eyelid, which means no more smudges on your eyeshadow!