12 Fun ways to meet new friends

12 Fun ways to meet new friends

Your new friends are unlikely to just show up at your doorstep out of nowhere, but you are likely to meet them anywhere you go. You could find a new friend while you’re shopping for groceries at the farmer’s market or using public transportation. As long as you’re anywhere where there are other people around you are likely to meet some of them and some might even turn out to be your good friends. Here are 12 fun ways to meet new friends:

1. Join the gym.

You could find new friends and get in shape at the same time if you get a gym membership. Your workout buddy might turn into a friend outside of the gym too. Make sure that you try exercise classes at the gym because you’re likely to meet more people there, and you might discover an exercise routine that works for you.

2. Take classes.

Learning a new skill is one of the fun ways to meet new friends. Take dancing classes, go to improv classes or do yoga. Find what you enjoy and turn it into your new hobby. Picking up a hobby is a great way to meet new people, especially those that have similar interests as you do. Dancing classes might be the best idea, but you don’t have to opt for ballroom dancing. You could learn jazz dancing, salsa dancing or Zumba.

3. Play board games.

You can find board game meetups or clubs where people hang out to play a board game of their choice. In fact, you could even throw a low-key party and play your favorite board game at your home.

4. Go to trivia nights.

There are a lot of bars that host events like Trivia Night, and it’s a great opportunity to find new friends. You can join a team and get competitive while enjoying a drink. Keep yourself updated about other events at bars because most friendship and love stories start at a bar.

5. Attend cultural events.

Check out the interesting art exhibits, motivational speakers, walking tours, and museum openings in your city. Attend cultural events, and you are likely to meet people who are interested in the same things. You might also meet tourists who are exploring the city.

6. Network.

What started as simple networking can end up as one of the fun ways to meet new friends. Join Meetup and Facebook Groups related to your profession and show up at events. If you have your own business you could also join the Chamber of Commerce.

12 Fun ways to meet new friends

7. Join a book club.

Reading is good for you, and it’s especially fun when you get to talk about the book you’ve read with other people who have read it too! So, join a book club and meet new friends who like to read just as much as you do.

8. Join a language learning group.

Discover a new culture by learning a foreign language. Join a language learning group and talk in a language other than English. You could even get creative when choosing a language that you’ll learn and opt for something like ASL (American Sign Language).

9. Walk the dog.

It’s easy to start a conversation with someone who likes dogs just as much as you do. So, taking your dog for a walk in the park is one of the fun ways to meet new friends! The best part is that your dog is likely to find a new friend too, just like you!

10. Play sports.

If you’re into sports, join a sports league that you like! You could learn dodge ball or get competitive in softball or football. The secret to finding new friends is to stay active and involved in what interests you. If it’s sports, you will find other sports enthusiasts by joining the amateur sports teams.

11. Volunteer.

Pursue your passion to find people who care about the same things that you do. Are you passionate about a certain cause? Maybe you care about education, arts, or animal welfare. Pick a cause and volunteer to hang out with other people who are just as passionate about your cause!

12. Go to festivals.

Festivals often include having fun in group activities like competitions and games. So, attend local art festivals, music festivals, food festivals, and any other that you can find. Keep a calendar with all the events that you want to go to to keep track of things.

Most importantly, one of the bulletproof ways to meet new friends is to say yes to all invitations. Whenever you meet someone new, they are likely to invite you to places and events, so don’t say no! Be up for anything, and you’ll be more likely to find new friends.