Car Problems

Engine Noises That Require Your Immediate Attention

If you are used to your vehicle now, you know the various clicks and pings your car makes, making it easy to pick out any noise that is out of the ordinary. Once that strange noise comes up, the rule is to pause and take your car to the best mechanic for a further check-up. Proceeding to drive it even with the engine noise may cause more damage. The engine is an integral part of your car that you cannot afford to overlook any wayward noise. Noteworthy replacing a whole engine can also be costly hence the importance of mitigating the situation before it worsens. Here is a list of some of the noises from your engine that you cannot ignore.

Warning Signs That Might Indicate Engine Failure 

Engine failure is scary and can ruin a good day. However, the best part is that there are always some red flags that you can indicate that your engine is not functioning properly. Some of the warning signs to look out of include; 

  • Engine light 
  • Smoke emanating from the exhaust
  • Engine knocking sound 
  • A surge in fuel consumption
  • Oil patches 
  • Vibrations 

Squealing Sounds When Breaking 

If your brakes trigger a squealing sound in your engine, it could spell several problems; however, it is just accumulated dust that requires the engine to get cleaned. When you notice the squealing sounds, ensure to get your car checked by the best mechanic to ascertain whether your brakes are okay. Worn-out brakes are dangerous since they may fail at some point, endangering your life and that of other road users. 

Engine HissingEngine check up

The hissing engine noise can be triggered by a plugged exhaust system, a leaking vacuum or an overheated engine. Any damage to the engine poses a major safety risk and may cost you a huge amount of bucks when repairing it. Therefore immediately you notice a hissing sound, ensure you get your car checked by your mechanic to prevent any further damage. It is also best to keep your engine well maintained by changing your engine oil and checking the coolant and air filter frequently. 

Grinding Transmission  

Grinding gears is a sign that your car has transmission issues. Your clutch may not be disengaging fully from the engine during gear rotation. The transmission problem might also have been caused by a user error, especially in manual cars; more reasons why you will be experiencing gear transmission include; 

  • Clutch issues
  •  Low transmission fluid 
  • Damaged gear system 

In case of such mechanical problems, ensure you check your car immediately and note the grinding sound. However, if poor driving habits cause it, then you need to improve. Some of the driving habits, such as Carrying heavy loads and aggressive shifting of gears, are some of the primary causes of grinding transmission. Thus by improving such, you will prevent such transmission problems. 

Popping Exhaust 

Popping sounds are primarily caused by burning fuel leaking into the exhaust system. When there is excess leakage, the temperature rises in the exhaust system and burns inside the exhaust instead of burning in the combustion chamber. Exhaust leaks can cause serious damage to the engine and increase fuel consumption. Therefore you cannot ignore a popping sound from your exhaust. 

Knocking and Pinging Sounds 

Knocking and pinging engine noise usually occur when your car has an ignition problem. You will probably hear these sounds when the air-fuel mixture self-combusts before getting ignited by the spark plug due to high temperatures. The wrong ignition timing can also cause the knocking and pinging sounds. If you note such sounds, try to fix your car on your own instead of calling a trusted mechanic for troubleshooting to ensure the problem is solved as soon as possible before any further damage occurs. Some of the damages caused by ignition include a faulty fuel filter and injector and a defective spark plug. 


Rumbling noises are caused by the presence of holes in your muffler. The holes heighten the risk of fume leakage into the car, which you will inhale when driving. Additionally, if you notice that the sound is paired with shaking, your car might have serious spark plug issues that damage the cylinders. 

Final Take 

Any sudden strange engine noise from your car should be a cause for alarm. Therefore you need to always be on the lookout to ensure you do not miss out on some obvious signs that your car needs to get checked. These strange engine noises can range from popping to hissing, depending on where the problem lies. Attempting a DIY is not a good idea since you may not have the complete expertise needed to diagnose the problem. Therefore once you take note of such engine noise, ensure you contact the best mechanic for further examination.